2018 | Volume 13 | Issue 1


Your cover story is about Dalcon Electric and its owner Dave Lee in the Bay Area.  He founded the business and runs it today with his son and GM, Jason, and their operations manager, Sara Anderson. They have a great dynamic, as you will read.

What’s unique about Dalcon and Dave’s story is this: Change didn’t immediately happen after joining ESI. They wandered in the desert for a while. The reason was simple—Dave will tell you. He didn’t “buy in.” He didn’t fully commit to changing how he operated. Once Dave changed, Dalcon Electric changed, and they’ve grown from $300,000 in revenue to $2 million in just a few years.

Also, in this issue, we have tremendous columns:

  • Kelly Robichaud’s “Training” column is loaded with great tips on how to work smarter in the new year.
  • Davin Marceau writes about communicating vision in the “Leadership” column, and…
  • Gain some insight from industry veteran Bill Weaver on the importance of proper body language by your sales professionals in the “Sales” column.
  • I don’t want to forget to mention our “Learning from the Best” feature: Chad Holt, a newly discovered sales superstar for Florida Southern Roofing & Sheet Metal; he became a Crown Champion in less than his first 10 months on the job.



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