Your Next WEEKLY SUCCESS CALL: Maximizing Your Field Team’s Results with Performance-Enhancing Ride-Alongs, by LON CASSEL

Be Sure to Tune-In Wednesday, July 5th, at Noon EDT/9 am PDT
Don’t Worry if You Can’t Attend Live—It Will Be RECORDED!

Your SGI Team recently launched a new feature to your membership: The WEEKLY SUCCESS CALL. If you’ve missed any, don’t worry! They were recorded and can be found on the HUB within the “Video Library,” which is housed within the “Resource Library.” Have questions? Give us a call! We’re already focused on your next WEEKLY SUCCESS CALL…


Synopsis: You invest considerable time and money training your service technicians and sales professionals. However, the only way to consistently ensure you maximize their performance EVERY YEAR in the field is to regularly conduct performance-enhancing ride-alongs. The summer months are here—and for many of you, this is the time to make or break your year. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn “how to” get the absolute best results from your revenue-generators! Look below to register NOW…

How to register for The WEEKLY SUCCESS CALL?

CLICK HERE. This link will direct you to a WebEx page, where it will ask you to register. You will then be emailed credentials for this upcoming Wednesday’s WEEKLY SUCCESS CALL. Going forward, you will need to register for each subsequent WEEKLY SUCCESS CALL. This registration process is critical in keeping this information proprietary and within the SGI family. We want YOU to have this winning edge, not a competitor down the street trying to poach.

We believe the WEEKLY SUCCESS CALL will further complement the mix of tools and training we provide at SGI. We’re excited about this incredible new endeavor and how it can help you! See you then!