Your Learning Alliance Website is LIVE!

SGI’s New Training Division Announces Its Courses, Philosophy, Alliances, and More!

Your Success Group International family introduced its new training arm, Learning Alliance, at your Boca Raton Expo.  After much anticipation, you can now begin exploring your new training organization and the initial offerings. Please log into your affinity group website and click the “Learning Alliance” graphic directly below the group picture in the member’s area dashboard.

A wealth of information can be found on Learning Alliance’s website, including:

1. Your NEW Training Courses
Complete descriptions for each of the new, core training courses can be found, along with a calendar showing when and where they will be offered.  Your new Learning Alliance courses are:

  • Culture Transformation
  • Top Performance
  • Advanced Budgeting
  • Advisor Essentials
  • Service Essentials
  • Telephone Essentials
  • Telesales Essentials
  • Masters of Sales Management
  • Masters of Service Management

2. Learning Alliance’s Partners
You have access to Learning Alliance’s outside training partners, which include a new technical training school, Total Tech, which was founded by SGI Owner and Member Jimmy Hiller. You’ll have exclusive access to VitalStorm, an industry-leading service to monitor and improve your call center.  And you’ll have access to Skylife Success, highly acclaimed motivational speaker and trainer Krish Dhanam’s personal development courses.

3. Learning Alliance’s Approach
Course enhancements are underway to improve the SGI curriculum you’ve previously experienced.  Among the biggest difference is Learning Alliance’s structured approach.  No longer will you attend a class and go home.  Learning Alliance offers a far more comprehensive learning experience

How is it different?  Before your course, you will be introduced to the content; while in class, you will asked to engage and participate; and after the course, you will receive continual support to help you apply what you’ve learned.

4. Full Lifecycle Learning
Learning Alliance’s core courses will provide you and your people with the necessary skills to succeed.  Learning Alliance will also offer expanded programs on subjects such as hiring and recruiting, onboarding support, promotion practices, and retention packages.  These programs will offer you the necessary tools, resources, and development to help ensure you can properly implement them into your business and see immediate results. You will see expanded offerings throughout the year and ongoing, refreshed content.

If you have any questions about Learning Alliance, the courses, its approach, or anything else, please feel free to contact  Learning Alliance via email at  Someone from Learning Alliance’s team will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.  Of course, you can always reach out to your Coach.

As you well know, training is at the core of everything we teach at SGI.  Training influences our clients, our team, and our business.  Learning Alliance WILL take training to an even higher level than you’ve ever experienced as a part of the Success Group International family.  This is an exciting time for SGI—and for you.