You Train Your People, But Who Trains You?

You became a part of the Success Group International family because you were looking to improve your business. As you learned overtime, the biggest way to impact your company is through training. Train and motivate your people properly, and you’ll see them generate unprecedented sales and success.

That’s great in theory. You’ll train your people and…BOOM…the money starts rolling in. However, as you well know, it’s not necessarily that easy. We hear this question all the time: What’s the best way to train my people?

The answer is, you, the trainer, also needs training. Training is much more involved than showing a pricing guide and having an open-group discussion about it. I mean, sure…you can do that. You might even have some success. But don’t you want to maximize every single training session you have with your team? After all, their time is money…your money.

Developing Winning Trainers
Your Learning Alliance team is offering a brand-new class to help those of you who are looking to get the absolute MOST out of your training—it’s called “Developing Winning Trainers.”

The training field is ever-changing with new methodologies and research. There’s more information than ever on how adults learn and how to present material in a fashion that people best retain it. It’s time for you to utilize this new information to become the absolute best trainer you can be—so your employees can become the absolute best they can be.

Developing Winning Trainers will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to design, deliver, and evaluate your own training sessions. An emphasis will be placed on developing interactive-training techniques to engage and stimulate your team members.

This class can benefit everyone: From members new to training to successful trainers looking for additional tools to help their team. You’ll walk away with new strategies meant to turn your employees into participants, actively learning the material you need them to know to succeed. They’ll leave each training session with even greater confidence—and with greater confidence comes improved customer satisfaction and sales!

register-now-buttonYou can register for Developing Winning Trainers by clicking this link.
The next Developing Winning Trainers class will be offered
Tuesday through Thursday, June 28 to 30 in Dallas, Texas, at Milestone Electric & Air! 

Remember, if you register 30 days in advance for any class, you’ll receive 10% OFF your tuition! Be sure to enter EARLYBIRD10 in the Coupon Code to get the discount! If you have questions, please, call Gary at 941-702-9623.