Your Partner Network is LIVE!

Your Partner Network Website is LIVE!

The SGI Partner Network Team has been busy negotiating discounts and strengthening rebate programs for you, and now it’s time!

Do These Three Things Now to Optimize your Partner Network Experience:

  1. Visit the New SGI Partner Network Site Now:
    Your access to the Partner Network website is seamless from the SGI HUB.  Log on to your HUB and click on the “Partner Network” tab at the top of the page.   Click here to get to the HUB now.
    On the Partner Network page, check out the growing list of partners by clicking the “Partner Connections” icon.  You’ll learn about their services and, most importantly, your incentives.  We are still working on agreements and your SGI Partner Network team is focused on securing incentives that will equal or exceed the prior benefits you had with BuyMax and will be retroactive to July 1, 2017.
  2. Easily Complete your Preferred Partner Collection Forms (PPCF) online
    On the Partner Network site, go to each partner resource page that you use today to complete their PPCF, which each manufacturer requires.  These are similar to the BuyMax PVSF.  Just fill out your distributor and account number and click to submit.  It’s that easy!
  3. Let us know who is on your team
    Let your Partner Network team know who to work with at your company.  Email the following information to

    • Your Buyer Contact – Who decides what vendors and services are needed in your company?
    • Your Rebate Contact – Who reports your purchases online each quarter?  While there is no penalty for not reporting, doing so allows us to ensure you receive every rebate dollar you’ve earned.

Remember to do this ONE LAST TIME to get your BuyMax rebates:

Claim your 2nd quarter purchases on before August 1st to ensure you get your rebate amounts.

For 3rd quarter and beyond, you will report on the SGI Partner Network website so look for more information there.

We are so excited about the incredible benefits available to you through the SGI Partner Network!  Remember, our dedicated team is only a click or phone call away.

SGI Partner Network
Alana Willey   Kevin Gurski


Partner Engagement Mgr.

Director of Strategic Intitiatives