SGI Partner Network Introduces a NEW Financing Option!

Have you ever had a customer get turned down by your primary financing company and you were worried about losing the sale? Worry no more because SGI Partner Network has brought on a great second-look financing option, Fortiva, for when this situation arises. Fortiva offers a low-cost, revolving line of credit, which allows for an easy, fast, and paperless process. To learn more about Fortiva, visit its resource page located within SGI Partner Network’s Portal of the HUB.

Who likes to get paid rebates? We all do! But the only way the SGI Partner Network will be able to make your Q3 2017 rebate payment is if we have a W-8 for our Canadian members or W-9 for our US members on file. Please click on the appropriate link for your company.



Once completed, please email to:

As always, the SGI Partner Network is here to help and support your team. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

SGI Partner Network: 866-356-8328

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