RSI Step By Step Sales System!

Whether you are the sole sales person or you have a team of 10, a sales system has been and will always be crucial to sustained, consistent sales performance in any industry but especially retail, in-home sales.  Long gone are the days of winging it, dropping off estimates, and “just being a good guy”.  Our businesses and employees deserve more than that!

It amazes me how some companies are stuck in the rut of dropping off 3 estimates a day, and waiting for a call back! While that will get you some sales, it’s by far one of the LEAST successful ways to put gas in the tank of your business.  Think about it, why would you market, answer the phone, set the lead, get a salesperson in your truck with your gas to look at a house and then simply write a “note” and leave it, hoping for the best?  Decades of studies have revealed that this is the LOWEST return on the many investments you’re making every day in your business.  Come with us as we journey down the road of success TODAY. Your Roofing Specialist will be provided a proven sales system, along with the skills and attitudes that will have them closing estimates TODAY, and installing them tomorrow.

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When: Mar. 6th – Mar. 7th
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST)
Where: Map this event »
Baker Brothers
2615 Big Town Blvd.
Mesquite, TX  75150
United States
Facilitators:: Rebecca Cassel

Lon Cassel

Jared Dean

Contact:Kyle Keeton 941-702-9623