Q3-Rebate Reporting Is Now Open on the Partner Network Portal

To help ensure you earn every rebate dollar you deserve, the Partner Network highly recommends that every member reports all rebate-eligible purchases. Click on the link below to see how quick and easy it is to report your Q3 purchases.


Did you know that Cintas® acquired G & K Services®? With the acquisition, G & K is being rebranded as Cintas and you will still receive the same great service, pricing, and rebates that you always received from G & K.

If you are a Cintas client, you also benefit from the G & K acquisition. Members under a Cintas agreement can ask to enroll under the SGI program and then be eligible for the SGI rebate. To take advantage of the rebate, please notify your local Cintas rep and provide them the Cintas corporate codes: 75343 (US) or 75344 (Canada). If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Ruzicka at 952-912-5620 or ruzickas@cintas.com.

To learn more about the Cintas or G & K rebate program, please visit the Cintas resource page located on the Partner Network Hub portal.

As always, the SGI Partner Network is here to help and support your team. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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