Please Welcome Another New SGI Partner!

Also, the Q4 2017 rebate-reporting period is now open!

Happy New Year, SGI Members! SGI Partner Network wants to help ring in the new year with rebates—but we can only do so if we have your W-8 from our Canadian members or a W-9 from our US members on file. Please click on the appropriate link below for your company:



Once completed, please email to:

Speaking of rebates, the Q4 2017 rebate-reporting period is now open. Although it’s not required, SGI Partner Network recommends that every member report all eligible-rebate purchases to ensure you get paid every penny you deserve. To do so, visit SGI Partner Network’s portal located on the HUB and click on green circle with a money bag on it to begin reporting. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the Partner Network Team.

Rebate reporting reminder:

The Partner Network is excited to announce the addition of Krystal Klear Water as our latest Partner. Krystal Klear offers a variety of water-filtration products that hundreds of contractors trust. To learn more about Krystal Klear’s products, visit their resource page located within the Partner Network section on the SGI HUB.

As always, the SGI Partner Network is here to help and support your team. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

SGI Partner Network: 866-356-8328

Alana Willey, Partner Engagement Manager, 941-702-9608,


Rebecca Basso, Partner Engagement Manager, 941-893-2904,


Kevin Gurski, Director of Strategic Initiatives, 941-702-9605,

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