New Partner Announced & Q4-Rebate Reporting Now Open!

Did you know that the average business is solicited 4 times per month for credit-card processing alone? Clarus Merchant Services, SGI Partner Network’s newest partner, has created a way for merchant services to improve profits, gain insight, and reduce risk through your payment acceptance. Read more! Visit their resource page located within the SGI Partner Network section on YOUR SGI HUB.

Q4-Rebate Reporting Is Now Open! With increased rebates from over 70% of our partners, reporting and receiving rebates has never been more important for your business. Please be sure to assign a “rebate-reporting champion” that is responsible for your organization’s reporting process or designate a day and time that you will make reporting your priority. Although it’s not required, we highly recommend that you report all your rebate-eligible purchases to ensure you don’t miss out on any rebates. Visit SGI Partner Network’s Portal on to report now.

To receive your rebate payments, we must have a W9 on file for our US members and a W8 on file for our Canadian members.  Be one of the first to send in your W9/W8 and get entered to win a $50 Visa gift card.

A BIG “Thank you” to our members that have already reported your Q4 purchases and provided us with your W8 and W9 forms.

As always, SGI Partner Network is here to help and support your team. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

SGI Partner Network: 866-356-8328

Alana Willey, Partner Engagement Manager, 941-702-9608,

Rebecca Basso, Partner Engagement Manager, 941-893-2904,

Kevin Gurski, Director of Strategic Initiatives, 941-702-9605,