Increase Tickets and Close More Calls!

Experienced plumber, Chip, had his best month in years following the Plumbers Advanced class in October. He went from an average of 32-36k to 46k in October!

Only 18 seats left! If you are ready for your plumbers to increase their average tickets and close more calls,  you don’t want to miss Plumbers Advanced at Steve Huff Plumbing, taught by the GM, Nick Martin! Seats are limited. Register Today!

The Details:

Course Dates: December 13th-14th

Location: Steve Huff Plumbing, Kingsport, TN

Facilitator: Nick Martin, GM of Steve Huff

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Course Description:

There are two ways to approach selling; selling a product or selling a solution. Plumbers Advanced utilizes a consultative selling approach to not just sell products, but to educate clients to sell solutions.

By attending Plumbers Advanced, experienced Plumbers will further develop their expertise in customizing their service and sales approach to adjust to the needs and demands of the client, thereby improving customer satisfaction, increasing average tickets, increasing close ratios and generating repeat business. They will develop advanced skills in communication, exploring the needs of clients, presenting options, handling objections and closing.

What Plumbers will Learn to Do:

  • Exceed targeted goals in sales revenue, gross profit margin, close rate, referral lead generation and personal income.
  • Utilize a consultative sales approach to build value and trust.
  • Improve communication skills to better assess and understand client’s needs.
  • Customize the call to adjust to the needs and demands of your client.
  • Develop a solid and consistent follow-up strategy to increase referrals and customer retention.